Kyriakides Georgopoulos Law Firm Joins TSLA

Jan, 2024

Three Seas Legal Alliance (TSLA) proudly announces the addition of Kyriakides Georgopoulos (KG) Law Firm (KG Law Firm) to our alliance, which follows the expansion of the Three Seas Initiative (3SI) to Greece during its 2023 Annual Summit in Bucharest, Romania.  KG Law Firm is a top-ranked, full-service Greek law firm, with offices in Athens […]

TSLA Participated at the 2023 3SI Business Forum in Bucharest

Sep, 2023

As a recently established group of premier law firms, Three Seas Legal Alliance is firmly committed to actively participate in project developments within the Three Seas region under the auspices of the Three Seas Initiative. We take immense pride in having introduced our distinguished experts team during the 3SI Summit & Business Forum held in Bucharest on 6 and 7 September, an […]

Doing Business in Bulgaria by BOYANOV & Co.

Jul, 2023

Trayan Targov, Mihail Vishanin, Stela Sabeva and Violeta Kirova of BOYANOV & Co. Law Firm have co-authored the latest insight of the regulatory framework and emerging trends in Bulgaria’s legal and foreign investment landscape.

Doing Business in Poland by Wardyński & Partners

May, 2023

Wardyński & Partners has recently published a comprehensive guide on doing business in Poland. This invaluable resource stands as a reputable reference for prospective investors seeking to engage in business activities within this country.

2023 Yearbook by Wardyński & Partners

Mar, 2023

Wardyński & Partners has published its 13th Yearbook, this time introducing the most recent regulatory updates and legal trends in this country in 2023, including many current and interesting topics, such as remote work, WIRON, indexation clauses, global supply chains.

Corporate Criminal Liability in Poland

Oct, 2022

Jakub Znamierowski, Łukasz Lasek, Dr Artur Pietryka, Maria Kozłowska and Angelika Bednarz of Wardyński & Partners have authored a guide on the Corporate Criminal Liability in Poland.